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 Yorkie/Cairn Terrier mix puppies! 

I will have a new litter of Yorkie/Cairn terrier puppies available this fall.

Smile  Smile

These are not the very tiny teacup version, they average 7-12 lbs. This makes them very sturdy, healthy, and tough little dogs. They are great with children.

They are also great little watch dogs, as they are very alert. They will bark to let you know someone is there, but they are very friendly and want to visit everyone.

Please check out my pics of the parents.

Penny the Mom is 1/2 Yorkie Terrier, 1/2 Cairn terrier.

Nicky the Dad is a registered Yorkshire Terrier. Both are very loving, intelligent dogs.

The puppies should be born around the 1st of October. Please keep checking my site for updates.

The babies will be raised in the house and will be very sociable and lovable. Smile

If you are interested in a baby and want more information, Please feel free to email me @ qrthrs2312@aol.com

or marysyorkies@zoomshare.com

or call me at 607-243-8654


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